On twinkletoes.

The Star has discovered dancing. You can’t think where he’s picked this up from. You don’t have a habit of leaping round the living room when a really good song comes on the radio at all.

Anyway, the Star will bop around in his high chair while listening to his portable radio. But it’s when he’s got a bit more space and Papa is listening to Planet Rock that he really likes to go for it.

He spins!

He hops up and down!

He runs on the spot!

He shakes his head from side to side.

And he’s got this one move where he waves one hand above his head and does a sort galloping movement that makes him look as though he’s in some dance off with a cowboy.

It’s all most peculiar and he has about as much sense of rhythm as B, but really very, very cute.


8 thoughts on “On twinkletoes.

  1. Oh it’s sooo cute when they start busting a move! Absolutely gorgeous. Star’s ‘ho down’ move sounds priceless 🙂

    My five year old really gets down and dirty. He closes his eyes and does this kind of cool shrug thing with his shoulders…Like he can feel the music. It’s so funny and so cute.

    Actually I just thought of my next blog entry!

  2. warriorpoetess says:

    Hehe must be quite fun to watch. Its awesome to dance like you are small again and you don’t care what the norm is, or what the newest dance moves is. You are free to invent your own. We can learn from these kids. 😀

  3. Titania says:

    I think the impulse to move your body when you hear music or drumming comes intuitively and that you’re born with it, not learning it.

    I remember that my 6 years younger brother almost demolished his babysitter by vigorously bouncing up and down and kicking with his little legs whenever he heard music he liked on the radio.

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