On niggle wiggle woo.

You blame yourself. Before you noticed how it had happened, it had become your habit to sit through an episode of In the Night Garden… with the Star before you go upstairs and watch him transfer all of the water in his bath onto the floor.

He’s entranced. Slack jawed even.

He is also showing signs of learning the word ‘pinkyponk’ and ‘ninkynonk’. Since he only has a vocabulary of about ten items, this is somewhat disturbing.

Although more upsetting for you is the way the Garden’s public transport vehicles randomly change size.

Personally, you like Makka Pakka. He’s obsessed by cleaning things and he really likes collecting stones.

Of course, you find yourself worrying that he doesn’t have many friends.

But the Star has clearly bonded with Iggle Piggle.

Every time he has come across a new toddler lately, he has tried to fling his arms around them and kiss them. Just like Iggle Piggle does every time he meets Upsy Daisy.

Unfortunately, the other children do not seem to be such devoted fans of the programme as the Star is. They tend to fall over. Or shove him away. Or start crying. Or all three.

This is probably a good thing.

It might deter him from leaping off the roof in a spiderman costume when the time comes.


3 thoughts on “On niggle wiggle woo.

  1. I too am mostly drawn to Makka Pakka. The Toddler (22 months) loves the selfish madam that is Upsy Daisy. My greatest worry is that she’ll elect to use ‘tittifers’ for birds and end up saying a shorter version somewhere public…

    Hi, by the way, I’ve just signed up to follow your blog having recognised your Hootoo moniker (am JulesK on there).

    • Upsy Daisy is appalling, isn’t she. I have been known to shout ‘tart’ at the TV, but the Star is starting to mimic now, so I’ll have to stop.

      Anyway, nice to see you here. And at your blog, of course.

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