On the beginning of something beautiful.

The Star woke you up this morning, as he is wont to do, by jumping on your head.

Then he scurried off to the TV to see if Mama or Papa had forgotten to unplug the freeview box, as they are wont to do, which means he can sit back and start to drool slightly to the tune of the Teletubbies.

This morning, it seems Mama and Papa were one step ahead of him and all he got was static.

So he comes and prods you in the eye, and when he has got your attention, gestures firmly at the screen and says ‘see!’ a few times.

‘No,’ says Mama, indistinctly smothered in pillow. ‘No TV, sweets.’

And the Star thinks about this for a minute and finally says, ‘Whhhhhhhhhy?’


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