On not needing until he is seven.

The Russian word for ‘God’ is ‘Bog’.

You find this irresistibly entertaining at times. Such as last week when you, B and the Star were squelching across a muddy section of grass on your way to the playground.

‘It’s a bog. Boggy bog. Bog bog bog. Where’s the bog?’ You were saying to the Star, while B rolled his eyes.

And the Star fixed you firmly with a hard stare and said, ‘Bog there!’

Pointing upwards.

He’d only been going to the religious-themed Russian language playgroup for two weeks at that point.


5 thoughts on “On not needing until he is seven.

    • Hey, I looked up ‘Borgia’. Because it sounds a bit like the surname B ought to have, if his family didn’t run along matriarchal lines.

      It is Russian (and Spanish). Same root though, apparently.

      But it means ‘hut’. I was quite disappointed.

    • Илья Казначеев says:

      Obviously, Bogdanov means “given by God”.

      Concerning Bog and God: Ugh.

      However, one need to note that “God” doesn’t sound like anyting good to Russian ear, too.

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