On going to the zoo, zoo, zoo.

Today you and the Star went to the local children’s zoo.

It was cold, and you were nearly the only ones there.

This did give you unlimited access to the animals.

What you found fascinating was that given a choice between ostriches and chickens, monkeys and rabbits, and the second largest rodent in the world whose name you forget and pigs, the Star went emphatically for the chickens, the rabbits and the pigs.

Those are the ones you tell the stories about most you see. Very few good Russian fairy tales about the world’s second largest rodent whose name you forget.

Of course, all the animals paled into insignificance next to the change to sit at the wheel of the real fire engine they have set up in the play area.

In a fireman’s helmet and everything!

Until he realised that no matter how he bounced, it wasn’t going to drive off anywhere.


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