On great expectations.

So this time around it’s a girl.

You were oddly disconcerted by this news.

Of course, it took you a good year to get used to the Star being a boy.

Oh, you thought you were prepared. You had stocked up on an entire wardrobe full of little blue clothes after all.

But babies are so very unformed really.

And despite his little pipiska, not once did the Star ever piss in your mouth when you were changing him, which you understand is a practically obligatory rite of passage for parents of boys.

Mostly it was the fact that whenever you imagined how parenting would go, you kept imagining things which would have done with yourself, had you, in a very Heinleinesque way, been your own mother.

You, of course, are female. Not a very girly female at times, but still.

So it wasn’t until the Star’s personality kicked in that your really started to believe in his masculinity. Nowadays, it’s hard to deny what with the obsession with cars, fire engines, trains, cranes, dirt, dogs and his cheerful hooliganism.

Although his favourite colour is pink.

And so now you can’t imagine how a girl would be. Or how you would be with a girl. Even the nappy changes are going to be… different.

You don’t even have any pink clothes. Except for the tights you bought the Star to make him happy.

It’ll take some getting used to. You are quite looking forward to the cute little dresses though.

Due date 21st May. Working title, the Comet.


9 thoughts on “On great expectations.

  1. E. says:

    I could have sworn that I replied to this post earlier. Oh well. It’s the thought that counts, isn’t it?

    Congratulations. I ahd the boy and then the girl. I must admit I really enjoyed all the cute little girls clothes. I’m not so impressed that Girl child is obsessed with Pink and fairies.

  2. My Mum was saying just the other day, how odd she found it when she went into a shop with baby girl clothes in mind and was reminded just how colour coded babies are now.

    Back in her day, it was all neutral colours.

    Very right on.

    Still, it is a bit in your face, the pink. It’s more th ruffles and such I’m getting excited about.

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