On Masha i Medved

You most favourite Russian cartoon is a modern one called Masha i Medved, or Masha and the Bear.

Masha and the Bear is a traditional fairy story about a little girl who gets lost in the woods and is eventually restored to her loving grandparents by a friendly bear.

This isn’t that story. Not quite.

But it does cover (rural) Russian culture quite nicely. Fishing, jam making, ice skating, celebrating New Year, wolves, the obsession with the works of O. Henry, samovars, gardening, football, that sort of thing.

You presume they are saving the topics of mushroom picking and having a shashlik for later.

However, that’s not the reason why it is your favourite Russian cartoon. It’s your favourite Russian cartoon because whoever is making it is clearly channelling the Star. Masha, quite frankly, is the Star, albeit in a pink headscarf.

Here is a sample. It helps to know that another famous fairy story includes a fisherman catching a golden fish and being granted three wishes in exchange for chucking it back again.

Warning: anyone expressing the slightest interest is in danger of having a DVD, complete with homemade translation, thrust upon them. You would quite like the cartoon makers to keep getting paid so they can make more episodes. Your Christmas presents had a  certain… sameness… to them this year.


5 thoughts on “On Masha i Medved

  1. Star is teething. This is Not Good. The Comet seems to be kicking reasonably energetically, but I think not quite as energetically as the Star did. This is Very Good.

    You missed out on the music, but there’s not much dialogue, so…

  2. Amy P says:

    That is adorable.

    Either we have hitherto unknown twins, or they’re channeling Gracie as well (maybe that’s where the girly clothes came from ;-))

  3. Adorable – and indeed, it wouldn’t be just as nice without the giggling. However, I’ll stick to my own absolute favourite of Russian cartoons:

    It’s almost a shame the cigaret thing has become so reprehensible that you wonder if they would understand anything at all 🙂 .

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