On getting in touch with his feminine side

In honour of the fact that it is Defender of the Fatherland Day, otherwise known to one and all as Men’s Day in Russia, you feel that you ought to catalogue the ways that the Star is exploring his feminine side.

I mean cars, dirt, headbutting other children in the stomach and a tendency to fling his clothes willy-nilly all over his bedroom aside, there is the aforementioned fondness for pink. He got particularly excited over one of his little girlfriend’s pink fingernails on Tuesday. You are thinking the pink tights are not cutting it any more.

And lately, he has started to really enjoy dancing to classical music. Admittedly he tends to stomp rather than waft, no matter how twinkly the tune is.

Most striking is his new enthusiasm.

He has passed through his shark phase, necessitating taking every book on sharks out of every library in the surrounding area, drawing sharks, making sharks out of playdough, studying every puddle for signs of sharks and being quite convinced he sees one in the Thames every day, as well as telling himself bedtime stories involving wolves being chased by sharks (and bees).

Now, however, he is into flowers.

You spent a good five minutes yesterday handing over the flowerbeds at the end of your street admiring the pretty purple blossoms that have just been planted. Picking daisies, dandelions and any other passing weed with a petal is also a must on any outside trip. And he persuaded you to buy a clutch of daffodil stems in the supermarket a few days ago, which he  goes over and sniffs proudly first thing every morning. As for the seriousness with which he took your trip to the garden centre to buy some primroses for the window boxes, well, I know colour schemes are important in gardening, but he changed his mind at least three times about the precise shade of yellow he wanted for his look.

Of course, when it comes to the actual planting, you suspect he will revert to type and fling mud all over the balcony, his Mama and himself, but still. You are taking pride in raising a well-rounded balanced individual nonetheless.


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