On a nomination.

So the blog has apparently been nominated to appear on a list of 25 Top Expat Moms for a Mommy Blogging community called Circle of Moms.

Of course, technically you are not an Expat Mom. Or even an Expat Mum. Unless you have recently travelled on the London Underground. In which case you will almost certainly have renounced your Motherland in no uncertain terms.

However, you do bang on about Russia, Russians, your particular Russian, half Russian, bilingualism, bi-culturalism and the problem of culture shock on a reasonably regular basis, so you are blatantly going to solicit votes anyway.

Vote! Click on the thumbs up next to Verbosity’s profile! Vote early and vote often (once every twenty-four hours, apparently)!

The deadline is the 6th June!


3 thoughts on “On a nomination.

  1. Thanks for your support guys!

    Due date is tomorrow. I am secretly convinced that the Comet will arrive exactly on time, although the only basis I have for this is that the Star did.

    Still, all systems good to go, according to my 40 week check up today, so we shall see.

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