On sibling interaction.

You are not the only one eagerly awaiting the arrival of the Comet.

The Star is getting impatient too.

For months now he has been excitedly talking to the bump. He puts his head on your tummy and has conversations with his sister. You do her voice, when she manages to get a word in edgeways, which isn’t often. She’s quite squeaky. The Star tends to shout.

Mostly it goes something like this.

Hello! How you? I waiting for you! I play with you! I gentle! You play my cars! Where you? You coming out? I brother. I big boy. You baby! You small!

Please do be impressed by the Star’s willingness to share his toys. That took a couple of weeks intensive coaching. In the original version, when his sister suggested that he give up his cars, the Star sat bolt upright and said, flatly, and with considerable outrage, ‘MINE!’ You have also been getting all the books out of the library which emphasise the importance of careful play with small and fragile beings. You are not convinced any of this will help when reality sets in, but nevertheless you feel smug that you have tried.

Sadly, in the last week or so, the Star has clearly picked up on your despair of seeing your daughter before she turns 18.

He now only occasionally wonders listlessly over to enquire ‘Why you not coming out?’

And then you both sigh.


15 thoughts on “On sibling interaction.

  1. The Star is too cute for words.

    As for little sister, she is clearly going to be the boss here…


    Fingers crossed that she decides to move herself without needing external assistance.

  2. Oh so sweet… Hopefully that is the beginning of a beautiful friendship. Are you being monitored regularly though, with the Comet being this late?

  3. E. says:

    That is so gorgeous. I hope that he wants to play jsut as much when she is actaully here. Of course then when she does arrive he will be disappointed because the Comet will be too young to play and be boring (due just sleeping mostly) so long.

    I hope everythign goes smoothly and the Comet makes her arrival soon.

  4. Titania says:

    The Star will make a great big brother and I think it’s a brilliant way of preparing him.

    ‘Why you not coming out?’ is so cute.

    *imagines the bump replying*

    ‘Me not want, me want to stay here. Here be dark and cosy.’

  5. Glad you all enjoyed the Star’s efforts to get to know his sister. He’s pretty good with babies, although the ones he knows are a bit older, so we’ll see.

    Induction on Thursday, if nothing else happens.

  6. Here’s hoping it all goes well!

    I went two weeks over with the first one, too – totally horrible way to spend your time, I agree! I didn’t want to say this before, but now that you’re likely in the midst of your induction and won’t see this until it’s all over – that’s how it went with me, too. 6 Years ago yesterday morning I got induced at some early hour before any sane person would ever want to be awake and baby was born around dinner time today (yes today, that’s how long it took), via c-section as things did not work out any other way (and this although we’d been planning a home birth, eeek!)

    Hope you have/had an easier time with it!

    And don’t be too alarmed, but I think the Star’s tune might change once he realizes what he’s gotten himself into…. “Who you? You smelly! You boring! When you play with me??????? Say my name!!!!” At least that’s how it went at our house 🙂

    Good luck, it will be so much fun! Really!

  7. Titania says:

    I think Solnushka is too busy to update her blog right now, so I hope she doesn’t mind me telling that the Comet arrived on June 2nd 2011 at 7pm. 3.27 kg

  8. Beautifully written, I can just imagine a child’s look of indignation at giving up their toys! My n.2 is due 2 weeks after Super-Tot’s 3rd birthday – hurray, someone to steal all her toys and parents’ attention! We have been warned. Well handled, I shall be off to the library for educational books asap!

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