On selective hearing.

The Star takes a keen interest in the world around him. Bugs of all kinds are still popular, he enjoys uprooting weeds* and you’ve just got started on trees.**

However, the Star’s main interest remains people, and the curious things they get up to.

Which is why, when he found a man bending anxiously over a camera tripod, the Star bounced up and asked his second favourite question.

‘What you doing?’

The photographer ignored him.

The Star was insistent.

So the man straightened up and prepared to explain that he was waiting for the very impressive flock of swifts (or possibly swallows) which gather on the omnipresent cranes down by the river every autumn*** to take wing so he could photograph the moment of flight…

…when they took off.

*And, sometimes, not weeds. This is embarrassing when he does it repeatedly in front of a Park Ranger.

**Note to self. Get a good tree book. You have spent too long in an urban environment. You’ll be calling an elm a hornbeam next.

***Lovely summer we’re having.


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