On crafting.

So, inspired by Mister Maker, you and the Star have been making clay animals.  This is a project which has run and run, because you could make a few one day and paint them the next.

The Star soon decided he would do most of the work himself.

Care to guess what these are?

The one on the left has a carefully modelled penis and bum crack, at the Star’s insistence.

More of the Star’s work. I defy anyone to recognise the one on the right. Which also has a penis, by the way.

You find crafting surprisingly enjoyable. Here’s one you made.

Does it help to see them painted?

The Star is bored now, but here are a few you made while he was cutting up bits of clay with the scissors.

A clue. The one in the middle is a penguin. With an egg, not a penis, in case anyone was wondering. The Star had been letting his toy penguin paddle in his puffed wheat that morning, and you were able to use the moment as an impromptu David Attenborough learning experience. This stuck long enough for him to demand it when he was patronising his hired artist later.

You can’t take the teacher out of the classroom.


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