Blogging Carnival on Bilingualism October 2011.

It’s the end of October and that means it must be time for the Blogging Carnival on Bilingualism. Once again we have a set of thoughtful, funny, inspiring and reassuring articles on raising children bi or multi lingually and culturally, and I am proud to be able to host it.

Sarah at Bringing up Baby Bilingual, has interviewed a non-native speaker of English about his decision to raise his child as an English speaker.

Tatjana of Pebblemeddle shares her journey towards her decision to raise her child bilingually with us, a journey she is surprised she made.

Also on the topic of language and identity, Jiminy writes about the complex and sometimes difficult relationship between her view of Romanian and her view of herself as a Romainian  at Jiminy’s Blog. She also tells us about the changing nature of her children’s bilingualism as circumstances have given them a different mix of language models.

On Thirty Fourth Psalm, Timnah’s take on this issue explores why learning a language also needs sensitivity to cultural flexibility and whether we should take context into account more.

And Melissa of Where going havo? has written about how bilingual children interact with each other. What happens when one child is deep in language rebellion… but another isn’t?

A different identity question is asked by Mrs B of Cranky Monkeys in London. She wants to know what language your kids call you Mummy in, and does it bother you?

Multilingual Mama, Coco, writes about some of the funny phrasing that her daughter produces whilst language mixing, and has translated and annotated the well-known story of Olivia the pig for our amusement.

On a related note, Busy as a Bee in Paris’s Maria also sees the positive side to language mixing and makes some suggestions as to how to handle it.

Continuing the hints and tips, Rosalind has some great ideas for making language learning fun in order to support minority languages in Tales of Windmill Fields.

And Smashedpea provides a useful summary of dos and don’t in a no frills guide to raising bilingual children over at Intrepidly Bilingual.

Finally, to remind us all of why it’s worthwhile, Italo Bimbi’s Giovanna has included a video interview with Dr. Amy Weinberg, University of Maryland all about the intellectual benefits of bilingualism.

So there you have it. If you would like to know more about the Blogging Carnival on Bilingualism, or sign up to hold it yourself one month, then visit the carnival page hosted on Bilingue Per Gioco.


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