On ducking and diving.

So the Comet has discovered reaching. And manipulating things with her hands.

This is particularly amusing when combined with her proto-crawling. She will lie on her tummy, stretching as far as she can, trying to reach the toy that is just too far away, kicking and straining, with an exceptionally intent look on her face.

Of course, when she remembers, she has developed a method of getting around that involved rolling and spinning. Sadly, sometimes she realises she can do this and reach at the same time.* Luckily, she still can’t get very far yet.

She is very keen on books. This is a good thing as she is beginning to look very much like your MiL**. The passion for books reminds you to love her anyway.

Of course, what she does when she gets hold of things is put them in her mouth.

Or, because her fine motor control is not all that, fall on them with her mouth usually.

As well as books, she really likes computer cables.

Today, you turned round and discovered that someone*** had left a vase of roses rather close to the moses basket the Comet naps in sometimes.

A baby with a mouthful of yellow rose petals is a sight to be seen.

*The Star always looked a lot like Tom Cruise in That Scene from Mission Impossible during this phase. The Comet is more the chap who dives, rolls, rolls back, swivels, dives, rolls and shoots the bad guys from behind the handy abandoned car.

**In addition to looking like a goblin. The ears are not getting any less pointy or large.



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