On wearing your underpants over your tights.

You have realised that you have neglected to mention that the Star has a secret superhero identity, and has had it for a good six months now.

He is Rescue Boy! A name which can only be said with a fist pump, swirl of an imaginary cape and a rhetorical flourish worthy of the best Hollywood voiceover.

His special power is retrieving felt tip pen lids.

You discovered it thus.

There you were, spending an idle twenty minutes encouraging the Star to colour inside the lines, when the blue pen’s top rolled of the table.

Immediately, the Star bounced out of his seat, and with a cry of ‘Rescue Boy!’* he burrowed under the table and came up triumphantly clutching the item in question.

When another pen lid ended up on the floor as pen lids are wont to do, he did it again. And again. And again and again and again. Then he started surreptitiously sliding whatever items he could find off the table so he could dramatically pick them up. Soon that became unsurreptitiously chucking them on the floor.

Which is when you put a stop to it.

Until the next time you both sat down to draw.

You find yourself charmed but slightly nonplussed by this behaviour as you were not aware that the Star had a particular interest in comic book characters. Bugs, yes. Peppa Pig, yes. Dinosaurs, yes. Flowers, yes. The Wot Wots, yes. Trains, yes. Football, up to a point.** Wearing his underpants over his tights? Meh, was what you had thought were his thoughts on the subject. You couldn’t even recall him coming across any of the baggy-trouser challenged brigade. Until you remembered this.

Still. While Justin Fletcher clearly has a lot to answer for, secret superhero identities must be hard-wired into little boys’ psyches.

*Said with a fist pump, swirl of an imaginary cape and a rhetorical flourish worthy of the best Hollywood voiceover. Of course.

**Sharing the ball is the point, but that’s a post for another day.


3 thoughts on “On wearing your underpants over your tights.

  1. Harry has been big on Superhero powers for a little while now, too. His special powers aren’t specific as such (although naturally: they are corkingly powerful powers) and he mysteriously acquires them to suit the job in hand. I note that his teacher is encouraging the adoption of superhero powers among her brood in order to actually damn well motivate them to tidy up.

  2. That is very sweet.
    In this house we have had a “Superfrog” for a few years now. It is the post-bathtime incarnation of both children now, courtesy of a novelty bath towel with hood decorated with frog features and corners with flippers. Powers usually include running madly around, partly naked shouting “Come back Superfrog”.

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