On your new iPhone.

So this evening you have been too busy noodling around with your new iPhone to actually be bothered to write a proper post.

You took it out for a walk today (your children came too) and spent a very happy half an hour in an autumnal graveyard taking photographs. With your new iPhone. Hey, it was atmospheric. And the squirrels were obligingly plentiful, which meant you could concentrate on your new iPhone without too many distractions from the Star. You would put some of the pictures here, but you haven’t got round to figuring out how to sync your new iPhone to the computer yet.

You had planned to post to Twitter and Facebook and the like from your new iPhone on the way home, just because you now can, but the Star, who normally cannot be dragged away from the place where you can see trains, today decided that two minutes was quite enough of that and he wanted to get on with scootering.

Since then you have been tapping away at your new iPhone’s screen finding out what all the little icons let you do, marvelling at how controlled the scrolling is, swearing every time you need to type an M on the keyboard and hit delete instead and trying to find an app that converts the keyboard into Cyrillic.

You have even made a call using your new iPhone. To Russia, none the less, using Skype. How cool is that?

Oh and you also made dinner, played with the kids a bit, put them to bed and so on.

And yet here you are, not writing this post on your new iPhone. This is because you have developed cramp in your thumbs.

Maybe tomorrow.


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