On being full of awesome

The Star, in a display of unaccustomed lack of confidence, has taken to asking if you like him. Or love him. He seems completely oblivious to any difference.

You tend to reply, ‘Yes!’

To which he asks, ‘Why?’

And you give the reasons. ‘Because you are cute and funny and clever and kind and helpful and handsome.’

All of which is true. Notice you don’t say ‘hard-working’ or ‘a good listener’  or ‘skilled with your hands’ although it occurs to you that you could add tidy. A bit of positive reinforcement never hurts.

Anyway, you got a bit bored with this list recently, so the next time he asked, you gave a different answer.

‘Because you are full of awesome!’

‘I’m not!’ said the Star, disgusted. ‘I don’t eat leaves!’

You were nonplussed. ‘Um, what?’

‘I don’t eat leaves!’ the Star repeated. ‘I’m not full of autumn!’

Definitely not a good listener. Especially since you have now repeated this little exchange five million times since then.

Never gets old.

Full of autumn.


Incidentally, I am participating in a popularity contest again to be a top 25 European Mom on an American mommy website. Voters can exercise their franchise every day. Please feel free to vote early and vote often.

And finally, I give you a toddler’s Guide to… the British Museum.


6 thoughts on “On being full of awesome

  1. Reed says:

    Bwahahahahahahahahaha! Full of AUTUMN! Heheheheheheheheh I love this. AUTUMN. HAH!

    (I have had a drink, you know).

    Full of autumn. Fabulous. *happy sigh*

  2. I like his listening skills. They’ll come in very handy when he’s a teenager and wants to misinterpret anything you have to say.

    Oh wait. I’m a mum. I should be siding with you…. well, I would, but that’s just so darned cute… “full of autumn”.

    Oh, and for the popularity contest… do they make you sing and dance too? 😉

    • I’m looking forward to the teenager years. I reckon I’ll get a lie in.

      Nope to the singing and dancing. Neither do I have to declare my commitment to world peace. Pity really.

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