On Madam Dragon.

It is quite disturbing how pig-headed the Comet is turning out to be.

At first, you thought she was more biddable than the Star. This was because if you told her no, she would actually not do it. She would also burst into tears and come and lay her head in your lap. Which was gratifying.

Then she went through a phase of looking to see if you were going to give your permission or not before she did something like, oooooh, empty the random crap drawer of random crap. And she would still not do it if you said now.

Now, she still looks, but she has a tendency to do it anyway.

Anyway, one of the more charming ways she completely ignores you is when you are out having a walk. There she is, bouncing along and you get to a T junction. You want to go left. She wants to go right. You point left and say, brightly, ‘This way, the Comet. This way!’ She points right, waits to make sure you have got a good look and the sets off down the right path. She also runs away when you subsequently chase her. Laughing.

The Star, when he didn’t get his own way or didn’t like something was always easily distracted by the shiny shiny. The Comet is not and she is already showing alarming signs of being able to out-tantrum her brother.

Plus, she absolutely will not stay in her pushchair or her highchair for the amount of time you think is necessary. Unfortunately your daughter inherited all the manual dexterity that your son did not and she is quite adept at wiggling out of strapping. She hasn’t quite figured out the car seat yet, but you suspect it is only a matter of time.

Your MiL has taken to calling her ‘Madam’. This is entirely separately from your deciding to adopt the nickname ‘Madam Dragon’.

You cannot imagine where she gets this from. You really cannot.

Bonus track: a toddler’s Guide to… the Science Museum.


One thought on “On Madam Dragon.

  1. Yes, yes, yes. My brother has given my daughter the nickname “the empress” because she rules the roost like royalty, but without doing any sort of charity work at all. I am firm and what not but I can’t imagine what she would be like if I wasn’t!

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