On Mama’s little helper

The Comet is a much more fastidious child than the Star. The Star is oblivious to dirt and will be covered in it before he has even left the house in the morning. What he looks like when he comes back from school is beyond description. You keep trying to think of cleaner packed lunches but you know that this is only the tip of the iceburg.

The Comet is also quite adept at getting dirty. Especially when she is eating. Well, you will try to feed her soup and she will insist on eating it herself. Lots of chicken broth and noodles all over her front. No, she won’t countenance any kind of bib. She also likes to eat rice pudding with her hands and then clutch her hair. She doesn’t have much hair, and has discovered that food is an excellent spiking agent.

After a while, however, the Comet will frown at herself, look around and start making urgent motions with her hands. She will stare at you pointedly and squeak. And she will keep doing this until you give her what she wants. The teatowel.

Once she has the teatowel she will carefully clean all the parts of herself that she can reach, and then she will start on the table, which has also suffered terribly in her feeding frenzy.

As a feminist, it’s a terrible thing to say but there really are compensations to having a daughter. All that help with the housework.

And the Comet is guest posting again here: a toddler’s Guide to… the London Transport Museum.


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