On Smershariki.

The latest Russian cartoon to take the Solnushka family by storm is something called Smershariki.

At first you were not convinced.

It’s very bright, the music is very jolly and the name translates as a sort of play on the words of ‘funny’ and ‘balloons’. You rather thought it was some mindless bit of visual chewing gum.

Of course, you didn’t actually watch it. It’s in Russian! Or rather, there’s a lot of talking and so the humour is not as easily accessible to you. But eventually you had been sat in front of enough episodes that you made the effort required to switch on to extended foreign speech. And you were rewarded.

Smershariki is an excellently funny cartoon. It has absolutely no moral message whatsoever, although this isn’t to say it is immoral. But it is closely and warmly observant of people and their little ways, and as such reminds you a bit of the Muppets.

Except you find Smershariki more amusing.

Anyway, here is an episodes where the translation issue is probably less important. Enjoy!

And because you forgot yesterday, here are also two doses of the Comet’s views on London’s tourist attractions, the National Army Museum and the Tate Modern.


2 thoughts on “On Smershariki.

  1. Wow, it’s very busy! A lot of shows & films aimed at kids seem to border on manic now, I think the creators feel they need to do quite a lot to keep the kids’ attention. I find it hard to watch myself, with all the flashing colours and choppy scenes… must be getting old!

    • Yes, you are right, it is a little in your face. I think that’s another reason why I mistrusted it at first. Still, it really did grow on me. Which is lucky because there are about 5,000 episodes so far.

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