On banana bread

A few days ago you bought too many bananas. It seemed like a good idea at the time. So today you decided to get rid of some and make banana bread. Lots and lots of banana bread.

Here is a picture of the ones you used.

Here is a picture of the ones you have left. You see banoffee pie and lots of banana milkshakes in your future.

Anyway. You highly recommend that anyone cooking with children be very prepared to have flour thrown all over the kitchen. Today’s incident came when the Comet fell off the chair and took the flour/sugar/baking powder mixture with her. She was largely unhurt – she is quite adept at falling off chairs – but what with that and what she and the Star did with the wet ingredients bowl it should really have been baths all round. As it was, you flung everybody’s clothes in the wash, rinsed the worst off and made a mental note that hairwashing will definitely have to occur tomorrow.

You had fish to bake and potatoes to peel you see. Never stop a Solnushka on a cooking roll. You made your Christmas puddings today too.

Strangely enough, the banana bread turned out fine. You always worry that the children’s shenanigans will result in weird ingredient proportions in the mixture, but this never seems to happen. Well, you burnt the edges a bit. This always happens.

Can readers work out which is the banana bread-with-brandy-soaked-sultanas one? The banana bread-with-walnuts one? The banana bread-with-dark-chocolate-pieces one?

Or which one tasted the nicest?


4 thoughts on “On banana bread

  1. kelli says:

    Can’t tell which is which, but they do sound good. Perhaps I should branch out from the cbeebies recipe I use? Mind you, it does always work, and works for carrots, pumpkin, and apple too. I love I Can Cook…

  2. Well, I shall conform that the one with raisins edged it, which I suppose isn’t surprising as that was the original recipe. Nigella ‘She’s better at cakes’ Lawson’s.

    I like I Can Cook, but the Star doesn’t for some reason, so I haven’t used it much.

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