On why my kids are cuter than yours #3,742

Your son has gone to sleep with all his new toys under his pillow.

He always puts all his new or most highly favoured toys under his pillow.

You don’t know why. You have never asked him why. You don’t know why you have never asked him why.

It may not have been the best idea tonight though.

He’s up to a total of eight. What with his haul of yesterday and a previously agreed reward for getting five stickers at school.*

You predict a yell at 3am when he rolls over and hits the horns on the freshly bought cow toy.

You are slowly transferring al the money from your bank account to Schleich, one cow/horse/elephant/dog at a time.

*The Star has become quite the sticker-holic. No good can come of this.


2 thoughts on “On why my kids are cuter than yours #3,742

  1. I so agree with the transferring of money to Schleich. We have accumulated a small farmyard and some wildlife for our money and yet I feel we should have more animals than we do.

    I often wonder if small boys have particularly thick skin, as I find random toys scattered in my lad’s bed some mornings. Quite how he doesn’t feel them I don’t get. It often seems the opposite of the Princess and her Pea. Perhaps they are princes in disguise? 😀

    • I feel quite comfortable with the idea that I am the mother of a prince. And you are right; he didn’t wake up that night.

      I do like Schleich though, that’s the problem. I’m not sure who was having more fun when we lined up all the cows and made our choice. It’s better when he wants a horse though. There are a lot of different types of horse.

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