On reinventing the wheel

The Star has never been much of a one for the excessive use of the word ‘why’? This is because, you now realise, he has been working things out for himself.

Much as you love a good expound, you are finding the Star’s explanations of the world, accompanied as they usually are with an earnest ‘I am sure this is true, Mama’ most entertaining.

The latest one involves the mysterious disappearance of the spiders you have both been observing on the way to school.

The Star is sure they have gone to Africa. Because it’s warmer. And to see their spider friends there.

You did try to suggest that if it is spiders they want to visit, then Australia, land of the 5 million spiders, 9 million of them poisonous, might be the place, but the Star wasn’t having any of it (he was sure).

This is because the Star’s little animal obsessed brain has decided that Africa is the ultimate fantasy land, full of marvels and wonders. Which is not really that odd a conclusion for someone who watches a lot of wildlife documentaries to leap to. You couldn’t even say that he is wrong, except that he is also sure that no people live there too. You know this because you asked him. It is very hard not to egg the Star on inappropriately when he starts being sure about things.

So in the case of the spiders, you didn’t even try not to and instead enquired how he though the spiders got to their paradise-on-earth.

The Star was sure that birds took them.

At which point you got carried away indeed and suggested that they hitched a lift by lassoing the birds with a specially spun silken rope.

‘Yes,’ said the Star, thoughtfully. ‘And then when they get to Africa, the spiders eat the birds.’

Anyway, what really delights you is that there’s always a certain logic to the Star’s pronouncements. Call yourself a fond Mama, but overall, in the case of the spiders, you feel that your four year old has displayed a wonderful grasp of things like migration patterns and life cycles.

Certainly it’s not much worse than yours because…

… in reality you, the thirty *cough* year old adult, don’t actually know what has happened to the spiders.


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