About blogging

You always wanted to keep a journal. You did, in fact, keep a journal. Unfortunately, given that you were a teenager at the time and that you took the whole private confidante thing very seriously, the writing therein is actually so painfully pompous and gauche that even today you sometimes wake up in the middle of the night in a cold sweat of embarrassment as your subconscious reminds you of a snippet of something you once scribbled down. And that’s after not having looked at it – or rather, them – in fifteen years.

Later on you wrote letters. Which was rather better as a medium for keeping you on the straight and narrow, but absolutely pants as a personal record to jog your fading memory in years to come. No, you did not photocopy your own letters and store them safely away for posterity. In any case, the advent of email put paid to all that. There’s something about the fact that you can just dash off a line or two every other day which brings all your champion procrastination instincts to the fore.

This blogging format though seems about perfect. There’s the carrot of a wider audience to pander to your delusions of grandeur and ensure that you don’t disappear into your own navel too often. And the stick of feeling obliged to write in it relatively regularly so your public can sigh in appreciation. And you can edit. And there’s a spell checker. Superb.

More importantly, it also seems to be providing an outlet for all the inrussiaing which you hitherto had inflicted on friends, family, acquaintances, passing strangers, trees, etc.

Occasionally you may deviate and actually write about something else. Readers can rest assured that this will be a temporary aberration and normal service will be resumed shortly thereafter.

7 thoughts on “About blogging

  1. Andrey says:

    Over these years (first at H2G2 and then here) it has been a pleasure for me to read you witty tonque-in-cheek documentation of your experiences in the counrty undergoing rapid transformation almost as fast as you can write. Moreover, the scope of your writing now spans many years and transends borders, making it in unique compendium of all eggs in one basket and cross-section of personal and local history knit into unity. With more realism, involvement into in-the-street wisdom and unflagging commitment of dutiful reflection, your journalism will certainly shine brightly and best many other takes on the subject.

  2. Can definitely relate to this but, even worse, two friends and I decided to take it in turn to write each other soul revealing letters in a secret journal. I was a morose and self-pitying 14 year old at the time who took myself very seriously so my entries are all very woe is me, they however filled their entries with talk of boys they fancied. I cringe every time I remember it and wish someone had just burned the thing when we hit 15 but it still exists – aaargh!

    Anyway, I am enjoying your blog particularly as one of my very good friends is married to a half Russian half Mexican, she is half Danish half English so it’s a pretty impressive combination for their two kids. I enjoyed watching Russian cartoons with them while chatting in English in Denmark earlier this year and would love to be able to speak Russian just because it is my favourite sounding language. Anyway, stop prattling on, fab blog, glad we’re both London NaBloPoMo-ing.

    Gemma x

  3. I was supposed to be keeping mine, but I gather my Mother has put my box of ‘precious perisible things’ in the garage, so I expect they are one soggy mess right now.

    I think it is revenge for my Grandfather throwing out her rock collection when she left home.

    Pleased I found you too. A good food blog is hard to find. This NaBloPoMo is great for getting you out of the house.

  4. I have always been terrible at keeping diaries. I just get really bored. And, as a teenager, about 3 days later I would read what I had written and think it was terribly emo and tear the pages out. It’s probably a good thing that they have all been destroyed!
    Blogging does seem to be a good alternative though, and I love your perfect description of the stick and carrot sides of doing it. I agree entirely so maybe I will manage to keep it up this time!
    Anyway, thanks for stopping by and following our blog 🙂

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