About you

There was a reason why I started with the whole ‘you’ thing. That’s the ‘you’ that is the other half of me, not the ‘you’ reading this thing. I’ll just wait while everyone’s eyes uncross, shall I?

The point was to ensure that the whole thing didn’t just devolve into completely self indulgent navel gazing. I thought it would be a good idea to put a bit of distance between myself and what I was writing about, which was mostly myself.

I never claimed not to be self absorbed.

I also quite enjoyed the discipline of getting all my pronouns to agree.

I worry that if I ever gave it a rest, I would then start beginning every sentence with ‘I think’, writing about the funny look the bus driver gave me this morning and whether or not it means something, or giving five minute updates on precisely which shade of happy I am today, and really then the only thing to do would be to please just shoot me at once.

So it stays.


8 thoughts on “About you

  1. I don’t believe I needed this explanation of the `you`. It sounded completely natural to me, adorable in its waving-index quality of looking at yourself with just that bit of distance as to successfully mix introspection with persiflage. I am, however, quite self-conscious now that my sentences do start with `I think`and that it testifies of self-indulgent navel gazing. Oh well…
    I hope the Comet is doing well and that you get enough rest.

  2. I am pretty sure that I can outdo anybody on the self indulgent navel gazing, whether or not you start sentences with ‘I think’ really.

    But I’m glad the style doesn’t come across as too affected.

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