About Solnushka

The name ‘Solnushka’ isn’t one that any self respecting native Russian speaker would choose.

This is because it’s a term of endearment.

Loosely speaking, it means ’sun’.

But in actual fact, it’s closer to ‘cute little sunny wunny oochie coo’. 

It is, essentially, the Russian equivalent of calling yourself ’sweet cheeks’. Or ‘honey bun’. Or ’sungglums’. Or something equally hideous.

Needless to say, this wasn’t what you’d intended. It was needless to say, wasn’t it? Oh good.

This is the problem with foreign languages. The worst swear words just sound faintly amusing. You spend six months learning how to get your teeth round the words ‘hello’ and the name of your profession. You still can’t pronounce your husband’s name properly unless you are really concentrating. And you give yourself inappropriate nicknames on the Internet.

Mind you, you could quite as easily have ended up calling yourself ’nojnitsee’ (ножницы) which is your favourite word in Russian.

It means ’scissors’. Look, you just like the sound of it.

To make matters worse, ‘Solnushka’ is also spelt wrong. It should be ‘Solnushko’. There is some logic behind this and it isn’t just that you fondly imagine it’s an amusing comment on your catastrophic inability to get the right letters in the right order whichever language you are operating in. 

You know exactly what English speakers would do to the ‘o’ at the end there, and you couldn’t bear the thought.

This miss-spelling irritates B no end though.

Still it seemed like a good idea at the time. And it’s been so long now that you feel rather attached to the name, and the way it looks, so it stays.

But you will understand if everyone really does prefer to shorten it.

You like ‘Sol’.

It translates as ’centre of the universe’ in so many languages.


6 thoughts on “About Solnushka

  1. just found your blog again 🙂

    I had to do a post like this one about my name – lost in the sands of time now 😦

    nojintsee would totally work as a blog name though 🙂

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