On the Seasonal Aisle

It’s true about the cheese.

When we lived here in Moscow before, all of ten plus years ago, the shopping was always much more seasonal when it came to fresh fruit and veg than in the UK. I spent years trying to get my head round the infinitesimal changes to the produce in ASDA, and just as I was actually noticing that peas were 2p cheaper in June, I have been wrong footed by the fact the over here we have had the berries glut, we have had the courgette glut, we have had the pointy tomato glut, we have had the blueberry glut, we have had the peaches and nectarines glut, we have had the pepper glut and we are currently coming to the end of the turnip glut, and very little have I made out of any of them.

It looks as though we will be down to the big tomatoes, the small and knobbly cucumbers, the white cabbage, the sour apples, the giant oranges, the conference pears, the mismatched beetroot, the plentiful bananas, the tiny grapes and potatoes for the winter.

Next year I am buying a really BIG freezer and cramming it full, making lots of chutney and investigating the finer art of canning.

And praying to the gods above that someone teaches the Russians how to make blue cheese. What is with a nation that has so many milk products but cannot make its own cheese? Vinegary cheddar does NOT count. Woman cannot survive on fifty seven varieties of cottage cheese alone.

On the upside, peanut butter seems to be a thing. I won’t have to make my own this time round. And they are selling rabbit everywhere.

I wonder how hard it is to mature Stilton in your bathtub?