On driving the car down memory lane

The Star likes XFM radio station, he informed you today. Or rather while you were driving along today listening to XFM, he informed you that he liked this song… and that song… that song is his favourite… and this one… he likes this next song… and so on.

This is a clear win for team indie guitar bands in the face of years of Papa’s clear preference for Planet Rock and, god help you, heavy metal. ‘Heavy metal’ being defined as any loud guitar band you don’t like. The support is very welcome. You were on the verge of admitting that Pink Floyd perhaps aren’t as annoying as all that, after all.

Anyway, it’s nice to see the Star developing preferences. And preferences that aren’t animal related at that. Although he was very impressed by the name ‘Arctic Monkeys’ for a band, so that might have something to do with it. He might also just be trying to curry favour with you. You do have a tendency to go ‘oooooh!’, turn the volume up high and wave your hands in the air while listening to the radio in the car. Which is less alarming than it sounds, given that you are driving. After all, it is London. If you aren’t sitting in a traffic jam, you are waiting at a red light.

The thing is, XFM started out back when the kind of music they played was all you listened to, and they still like to sprinkle their playlist with an awful lot of music that makes you smile both in fond remembrance and, given that you are rapidly approaching 40 and will probably never mosh again, a little wistfully. This is why you only listen to it in the car. You can have too much of a good thing.

Since you were stuck in the car for a good hour and a half today, you have positively overdosed on nostalgia and this has inspired you to go searching youtube for some of the bands of your yoof who XFM will probably never play. The ones who didn’t quite make it.

Your two favourites in this category were probably the Family Cat, mainly for the song Steamroller and an excellent T shirt. The Senseless Things had not only another excellent T shirt*, but also a really really good bass player** and a number of very good songs.

Enjoy. And yes, people did dress like that back then. I bet that’s a fashion craze that never comes round again. You probably should stop taking the piss out of the 80s now. Yes, the T shirts were much better.

*Indie kids and their T shirts. *happysigh*

**Who, you have discovered, now tours with Muse. The dirty sell out. Oh deary deary me. Poor man.

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